Sunday, June 10, 2012

What is Psychic Reading and Why Should One Opt In For

Psychic reading can be defined as an effort to discriminate information and make a statement about a person, object, even or location. This information is obtained through various means excluding human senses like stars, lines of palms etc. Generally, psychic reading is linked with free consultation regarding paranormal activities or happenings. Although physic readings have always been controversial, many people are still following these. 

There could be several different types of psychic readings and these include: Astrology; Aura reading; Cartomancy or Playing Card Reading; Cleromancy; Distant readings; Lithomancy and crystallomancy; Numerology; Palm reading; Psychometry; Rune reading; and Tarot reading. 
  •  Astrology is an ancient method of making prediction on the basis of alignments of sun, stars, planets and moon. Today many scientific methods have also been developed for making astronomical observations. 
  • Aura is believed as presence of a field around an individual. Psychic readers assert sensing, observing and interpreting the aura, thus making statements on basis of these reading. 
  • Cartomancy or Playing Card Reading involves using a deck of card to tell future. 
  • Distant Readings is a very unique type of psychic reading and does not require physical presence of the client. A reader can use letters, telephonic correspondence, sms, email or chat to under go the process. He might sometimes ask for a photograph. 
  • Lithomancy deals with gems and stones and a reader can suggest lucky stones or gem for his client. 
  • Numbers are believed to have influence on life of a human. Numerology deals with reading of an individual on the basis of number involved in his life like date of birth or letter in name. 
  • Palm reading is an old and famous way of conducting psychic readings. A reader uses his knowledge about lines, shapes, curves and wrinkles to make his statements. 
  • Psychometry involves reading through objects which have been in physical contact of client like rings, glasses or key or sometime their clothes. Concept behind this type of reading is that the object holds person’s energy. This is a very common method for locating missing persons. 
  • Tarot Reading is similar to Cartomancy and involves using tarot cards. 

Basic aim of psychic readings is to assist people making important decisions of their lives. A few of major advantages of psychic readings are, but not limited to: 

  • Ability to discover yourself: one may not be aware of what potential he has got and what he should go for. A psychic reader could help you explore your dreams and goals. 
  • Understand your past: a professional reader can see through your past and better explain you abut your memories and their meaning. This advantage of psychic reading is quite remarkable and has been used for getting many people out of some past trauma. Anxiety and depression can also be reduced and even eliminated. 
  • Decision Making: It is never easy to make some big decisions and a person may sometime get confused. After having a session with a professional, he will be a confident and convinced person. He may be able to very comprehensively explain consequences and outcome of your decision